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Frequently asked


At Sahachara, we ensure that our guests are our top priority and the quality of services are never compromised. In this section, you will find most frequently asked questions by our guests. Answers given below will answer many of the questions that you may have in your mind as you make the decision.

We are an Ayurvedic Centre with a very good ambience providing Authentic Ayurveda. We concentrate mainly on Ayurvedic treatments. The treatments will follow a 1st stage of detoxification and followed by rejuvenation therapies but if the person have any health concerns, we will make the treatment plan accordingly customized.

We at Sahachara count the treatment days, not the checkout time basis, so the late night check in where we are unable to start a treatment same day will not be charged, similarly up to the last treatment day is charged.

The most important aspect is to know if we are the right place for you or not, for that we want all the clients to go through an online consultation with your treating doctor and know the cure prospects and the treatment program that you are going to get here. If you feel like coming to us then proceed to the booking process that is available in the website. The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (COK) and after communicating the flight details we can arrange airport transport.

Nearest airport is Cochin International Airport (IATA: COK, ICAO: VOCI). The travelling time is a minimum of 2 hours by road. It is 80 kms from Cochin airport to Sahachara. Please find the google map here . We can arrange Airport pickup and drop services.

The per day cost in single and double occupancy depends on which program you choose for. You can get the details by submitting the details on Book now

For easy reference to make your decision regarding duration:

up to 10 days for a “taste” of Ayurveda,
up to 15 days for “detox”,
21 days is ideal duration for addressing health concerns.

Herbal medications at the time of treatment


Aftercare medicines that is to be taken after leaving Athreya.

Airport transfers.

Daily (except Sunday) Doctor’s consultation
Therapy sessions
Herbal Beverages – water

Due to his clinical situations doctor won’t be available for a direct call unless he commits for an appointment but you can reach us on our numbers +91————–, +91—————- and convey any urgent information.

The online consultation process begins with either an email to —————- or by filling up the form – SAHACHARA MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE that you may find by clicking on the link “Book Now”.

The Doctor will be replying you, he usually replies within 6-48 hours, he usually replies in the early morning time 6-9 am or evening time 3- 7 pm. So mostly replies back all the emails within this time please pardon if there is a delay, it’s for that personal care.

The 1st emails might have some common information documents to give some insights about the treatment programs and after filling up the medical questionnaire you can have a skype conference with your treating Doctor at a mutually agreeable time to discuss more about the cure prospects.

For easy reference to make your decision regarding duration:

upto 10 days for a “taste” of Ayurveda,

upto 15 days for “detox”,

21 days is ideal duration for addressing health concerns

For significant results, a longer stay of at least two weeks is necessary. The famous Kerala Panchakarma detox treatments cleanses the body from the inside and the outside. By medical discussion with the treating doctors cure prospects and weight loss prospects can be clarified.

Here are numerous reasons for the buildup of toxins. If your digestive system is off, the body has a difficult time getting rid of undigested foods called Ama. This can negatively affect the waste removal process. This leads to the buildup of toxins. There are also irritant and pollutant materials settling in the body system. It is likely you need Ayurvedic body cleansing. Here are five signs it’s time.

1.Unexplainable Body Aches

2.Tongue Covered with a Thick Coating

3.Foggy Mental State

4.Tiredness After a Meal

5.Bad Odors

Unexplainable Body Aches

There can be several reasons for muscle or joint pain, and you may experience body aches in general from time to time. But when there isn’t an apparent cause, it can be due to the buildup of toxic waste in your body. Excessive heat and inflammation or a low-grade fever can also be associated with the buildup.

Tongue Covered with a Thick Coating

In Ayurveda, the tongue can be used as a gauge of overall health. A thick coating can be indicative of toxicity. The thicker and darker the coating, the more clogging your system is likely experiencing. Use a tongue cleaner to help stimulate the digestive system. This will help support the Ayurvedic body cleansing.

Foggy Mental State

Have you noticed you are having difficulty thinking through to make accurate, sharp decisions? Is your mind in a fog and preventing you from thinking clearly? This can be another sign of toxic buildup in your body’s system.

Tiredness After a Meal

Eating should give you energy and contentment. Feeling dull or exhausted after a meal may be a sign your body is not dealing with what you are feeding it. This can lead to undigested residue which can turn toxic.

Bad Odors

Do you notice you have bad breath no matter what you do? Have you smelled your body putting off bad odors? Even smelly, frequent flatulence can be a sign of toxicity buildup in the body.

Objective of Ayurveda is to cure ailments of a patient and to maintain and promote health of the healthy by Curative Healthcare- cure for specific diseases Preventive Healthcare – wellness. Ayurveda aims at finding the root cause of a disease and then eradicating it completely from the patient.

Please download the following documents, fill up with your details and keep them with you when you visit Athreya. These are ‘Docx’ files that you can print.

General Consent for Admission

General Consent for Treatment

Informed Consent