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Wellness for a

longer life

We specialise in transformational health and wellness experiences offering our guests a unique journey to self-discovery and ultimate happiness.


Sahachara's Unique Approach to

Holistic Wellness

At Sahachara, we go beyond the conventional retreat experience, offering a personalized voyage shaped by your unique Prakruti, Dosha balance, and health needs. Our treatments merge authentic Ayurvedic practices with the powerful healing potential of nature, immersing you in a rejuvenating regimen curated just for you.  

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Set amid our verdant retreat, you will¬† encounter abundant fruit-bearing trees and serene fishing ponds, extending your healing journey beyond therapy rooms and into the embrace of nature. Coupled with yoga sessions that venture into Munnar’s tranquil hidden spots, Sahachara provides an enriching blend of therapy, leisure, and meditation.

Our philosophy is also reflected in our dining, with fresh vegetables sourced from our gardens or local markets forming part of a personalized diet carefully crafted alongside Ayurvedic treatments. At Sahachara, we champion a harmonious synergy between ancient wisdom, nature‘s bounty, and individual wellness, paving the way for a unique, transformative experience.


Bespoke wellness with transformation

of a lifetime

Master Cleanse

starting from 3 days

Ayurveda Panchakarma

starting from 5 days

Weight Balance

starting from 5 days

This Ayurveda retreat is the age-old journey of discovery, cleansing and the awakening of the inner healing energies and senses.


Dine to Heal

Savor the Symphony of Ayurvedic Cuisine

At Sahachara, we believe in the philosophy of holistic healing, a belief that extends to our dining experiences. Drawing from ancient Ayurvedic traditions that harmoniously blend nutrition with medicine, we recognize that you are not only what you eat, but also when, where, why, and how you eat. As such, we offer exquisite Ayurveda cuisine handcrafted to cater to your unique body-mind constitution, seasonal influences, and life cycle.

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Our cuisine encapsulates the essence of Ayurvedic nutrition, with each meal curated to be high-quality, fresh, delicious, and digestible. Our ingredients are locally sourced, with fresh vegetables harvested from our own gardens or nearby markets, ensuring peak freshness and vitality. Every dish is prepared with love and care, promising to satisfy not just your palate, but your senses as a whole.

At Sahachara, the dining experience becomes an integral part of your Ayurvedic healing journey. Aligned with your treatment, the personalized diet serves to amplify the efficacy of the Ayurvedic principles, making every meal a delicious step towards better health. Savor the authentic taste of Ayurvedic healing at Sahachara, where our cuisine is not just about eating, but celebrating a balance of tastes, a symphony of flavors, and a harmony with nature.

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

- Virginia Woolf


Unparalled privacy and peace in your own space.

Our rooms are crafted with traditional Kerala architecture and manifest a deep connection with nature, blending intricate woodwork and thatched roof to create a serene atmosphere. The design reflects Kerala's ancient charm and ensures natural ventilation, fostering a tranquil environment for your rejuvenating journey. read more

What makes our rooms truly exceptional is the seamless blend of tradition and modern comfort. They come equipped with comfortable mattresses, air conditioners, and ceiling fans to ensure your utmost comfort. Safe lockers are provided for your peace of mind, and attached bathrooms with modern fixtures underline our commitment to convenience. Sahachara's rooms, set against a backdrop of our lush 4-acre paradise, promise a retreat experience that blends holistic health with spiritual well-being, all from the cozy comfort of your tranquil cocoon.

Here's what our guests say

about Sahachara

Karishma Dongre Baker

I loved my experience at Sahachara. Coming to a 7 day wellness plan was the best thing I've ever done. I feel rejuvenated and calm. The ambience was perfect and the staff and practitioners were very nice. I would recommend everyone to get a taste of the Sahachara lifestyle.

David Dsouza Businessman

Best wellness resort I've been to so far. Perfect location to find the balance of life at Sahachara. I feel rejuvenated and calm. I enjoyed my stay and the best part of it was the friendly and polite staff members. Will definitely recommend to all.

June Machado Designer

My cousin had talked about this wellness centre for a while and I am so glad I gave it a try. It has been a wonderful 14 days with the team and staff of Sahachara. The vibe and the treatments really make you feel as though you are reborn as a better version of yourself. Thank you Sahachara.

Roy Renolds Engineer

Thank you to the Sahachara team for giving us the best experience of nature and spirituality. I will definitely be coming back next year for a better version of myself.

the centre.

Sahachara located Adimali is a town in the Idukki district of Kerala, can be reached very easily by road. Adimali is known for its proximity to Munnar and natural environment. Adimali has almost all the basic facilities like roads, super markets, markets, educational institutions and hospitals.